6 key takeaways from the Test Automation Days 2024

July 2, 2024

Joke Gijsbrechts

Some Brighters attended the Test Automation Days in Rotterdam. During these two days they gathered several new insights that we would like to share with you. Here’s a summary of their collective experiences and key takeaways.


The 6 main key takeaways

Insightful discussions and techniques

Our consultants found the discussions on Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) particularly enlightening. The Screenplay Pattern, especially when used with Serenity-BDD, was repeatedly mentioned as a valuable technique. This pattern offers a structured yet flexible approach, making tests more readable and reusable. It helps in creating smaller, more manageable classes and improves the readability and maintainability of the test framework. This design technique is useful for distinguishing different abstraction levels, leading to clearer and more effective tests. Especially for scenarios where QA teams collaborate with less technical stakeholders. Its division into API abilities, questions, and tasks helps maintain clear and manageable code, especially when the API is wrapped with a client.


Early testing strategies

A recurring theme was the importance of starting testing as early as possible, also known as Shift Left. This strategy can involve mocking backend components to test the frontend, or vice versa. By ensuring thorough testing at every level of the test pyramid or trophy, the need for extensive end-to-end tests is reduced. Of course, it does not mean we should skip testing on the “right”.


Quality over quantity

Another significant takeaway was the emphasis on the quality of automated tests over their quantity. Effective testing is not about having more tests but ensuring that the tests are of high quality and provide meaningful insights.


Component testing and mocking

Component testing was another area of interest, particularly the use of tools like Playwright for mocking API calls in front-end tests. This allows tests to be run locally without needing a dedicated environment, as is often required for end-to-end tests.


New tools and technologies

During the event we did not only get to see tools and technologies which we didn’t use before, but this was also the perfect opportunity to see how those tools are used by others. Together with useful insights, tips & tricks and limitations kickstarts our knowledge base.


Networking and new perspectives

The event also provided an excellent opportunity for networking. Our consultants appreciated the chance to hear different perspectives from other professionals in the field, gaining insights into how others approach testing and test automation.



Overall, the Test Automation Days in Rotterdam proved to be a highly beneficial event for our consultants. The sessions provided a few new insights and practical techniques that they are eager to implement in their projects. The focus on early testing, quality over quantity, and the structured approach of the Screenplay Pattern with Serenity-BDD will enhance their testing expertise.

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