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An environment where your eagerness and ability to challenge the status quo is valued more than you could ever think. Aim high with us daily in a fast-paced environment with constantly evolving needs.

Our goal is to provide valuable consulting services on achieving and maintaining a high-quality software product. To do this, we need the best office team to support all our operations: marketing, sales, recruiting, …

We will empower you in a stimulating environment with opportunities to develop yourself and grow with your very own Brightbeing plan. Go for mental or physical coaching with one of our external partners. Or tell us which courses you need to become an even better professional. And many more.

The recruitment team is very caring. They are attentive and really listen to your personal story. With all of this in mind, they search for the best fit.

Yasmin De Jonghe

Operations Officer

Find the right balance with flexible hours and working locations, work in one of our offices (HQ Kontich, and satellite offices in Genk and Ghent) or remote. What you do is so much more important than where you do it. Although we must say, in each of our offices we have lots of fun!

Finally, you live and breathe quality in everything you do. All of this in a true collaborative spirit. We all love to work together. If many of the things above speak to you, ignite your inner fire, do not hesitate any longer, then Brightest is your place to be.

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We make high quality software evident and accessible for any organization.

We aim high by creating innovative services and solutions, with a dedicated team of top-notch consultants who combine creativity and effectivity, and enable our clients to realize quality objectives.

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