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Recruitment process

We prioritize a positive and enjoyable experience for all involved. We seek to understand each and every one on both professional and personal level. Our supportive team is here to help, ensuring a great experience during the recruitment process and the opportunity to demonstrate your true potential.

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Our recruitment principles

Your canidate experience is what truly matters

All of this should be positive and fun

A totally enjoyable experience throughout the whole process for everyone is what we aim for. In each step we want to make sure we all feel the same way, this time was worth spending together.

We don’t care about where you got your knowledge

We truly appreciate the right degree, but the proof is in the pudding. And your pudding could also be something else. Blow us away and demonstrate your technical knowledge just the way you like.

There is more in life than what's on your resume

We really want to understand you as a person, and we know that doesn’t fit all on a CV. So don’t worry for too long about that part. There might be many other moments in life that defined you as a person, and these are the ones we want to learn more about.

Do not doubt, please don't. Just ask

The whole team is there to help you. We want you to succeed. We really want you to be able to show your true potential. Each of us is ready to make you feel at ease throughout the whole process and assure you have a great experience.

Our recruiting team

Frequently Asked Questions

Hereby, you can find more information on the most burning questions that might pop up before you decide to apply. We hope this helps to gain some valuable insights in advance.

Application process

  • How long does the recruitment process take?

    We aim to keep the process short, though profound. The average length from first call to job offer is 2 – 3 weeks.

  • How many steps does the recruitment process involve?

    A complete process has at least 4 steps: a phone call, a video call, an in-person interview and a job offer. Additional assessments and/or a technical interview could be added if valuable. After each step we’ll assess if continuing the process is the right option.

  • When do I get feedback?

    After each step we’ll touchpoint to align about the previous step and to inform you about what’s next. Detailed feedback will be provided at the end of the process.

Working at Brightest

  • Who will be my guide?

    Your Bright People Coach (BPC) is your first contact point for general questions, both technical and practical. Consider him or her as your buddy and coach within the company, helping you advance in your career swiftly.

  • How can I grow during my career?

    At Brightest, we believe it’s very important to not only offer a challenging but also a rewarding career. Therefore we support each consultant in her or his personal growth path. As a consultant you can specialize in any direction or even grow into a management position. A system of levels is put in use to help you to define your current position and picture your aspired role.

  • How will I receive training?

    2 to 3 times a year we organize a Bootcamp and swITch track for new starters at Brightest. Every Brighter is welcome to join (parts) of these training tracks. Outside of these tracks we offer several other in-house trainings, certifications, or info sessions on numerous topics.

Compensation & benefits

  • Salary

    • Gross salary based on experience
    • 13th month (can be optimized with our cafeteria plan)
    • Double holiday pay
    • Net expense allowance
    • Meal vouchers
    • Eco vouchers
  • Which kind of mobility package will I receive?

    The model of your car depends on your level. Our fleet consists of EVs. Car brands: BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Mini.

  • Are there any additional benefits?

    • A comprehensive customized education plan
    • Unlimited 1-1 mental coaching via our external partners
    • Continuous support by your personal Bright People Coach
    • Customized physical coaching for your individual goals, by the Forward Coaching
    • Expert coaching by colleagues with a certain level of expertise in a domain or field

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