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Coaching/advice in quality assurance and software testing: point your organization or team in the right direction, to bring new insights and quickly add expertise. Our (software quality) coaching-team helps you out with all of that!

Different coaching services


Test Assessment

Also referred to as BrightScan. It is an objective analysis of your current IT and software quality organization. It results in a prioritized roadmap to improve your organization’s test maturity and time to market. While reducing software quality costs.

Following the BrightScan, the coaching trajectory implements the roadmap that was delivered. The QA coach guides and assists you step-by-step with improvements on test organization and -strategy, (automation and SDLC) tooling, resources, …


Agile test strategy

A test strategy needs to be embedded in your company’s Agile development process. Whether you are working with Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, … your test strategy needs to work for you and provide the value you need to deliver qualitative software into production.

Depending on your process, resources, tools, technology limitations and dependencies, a QA coach implements the roadmap improvements in a way they benefit your company. Working towards standardization where possible, but leaving room for team-flavors where needed.



Whether it’s a tool to manage test cases or to track the software development lifecycle, an automation tool/framework, … you need a tool(set) that fits your development and testing strategy. Making it more efficient and easier to manage.

To decide which tool to use, our QA coaches examine all your requirements and needs. A POC and demo are performed before implementation to ensure that it will meet your needs.


Quality assurance

BrightScan and coaching ensure quality assurance by assessing your IT organization holistically and looking at the full picture.

In order to release high-quality software into production, it is imperative to prevent issues before they are discovered during acceptance or production. This requires a proactive rather than reactive test strategy, resulting in unpredictable costs and timing.



Whether you need full hands-on coaching or only on a specific topic, you’ve found the right partner to help you. At Brightest, several experienced coaches are at your disposal.

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