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Software Quality AI (SQAI)

Imagine a future where your software testing is not just faster and more efficient, but smarter and more adaptive. That’s what SQAI offers.

Transform your software quality with virtual test engineers.

At the heart of SQAI are Virtual Test Engineers (VTEs) – essentially, intelligent ‘robotic’ agents specialized in various testing tasks. These VTEs are trained to perform a wide array of QA functions, from creating and maintaining test cases to automated script generation, all while keeping the human element in the loop. This blend of automation and human insight ensures a high standard of quality and efficiency. 

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Challenges we help you counter

  • Repetitive tasks
    • The virtual workforce unburdens your QA and development teams of repetitive manual testing tasks. SQAI autonomously generates and updates test cases for you, boosting productivity while maintaining a critical human touch.
  • Maximize QA coverage during peak moments
    • SQAI gives support on peak moments like feature deploy(s), go-live, updates,… using hyper-test-automation of regression- and integration tests.

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SQAI: Revolutionizing Software Testing with AI

Get to know SQAI, an AI-driven platform tailored for software testers. Discover how we’re adding value to your testing process, hinting at the potential transformation within your workflow.

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Key features

  • Virtual Test Engineers (VTEs): intelligent ‘robotic’ agents specialized in various testing tasks, with the ability to perform a wide array of QA functions efficiently.
  • Hyperautomation: Scale your testing process as your team grows, the platform handles increasing volumes of tasks autonomously.
  • Integration and Scalability: Connectors can be built into 6000+ data stores and apps across test management tools, automation tools, collaboration suites, databases and more. SQAI makes your test teams more productive and value focused.
  • Empowerment and Focus: SQAI enables teams to concentrate on strategic tasks by automating routine processes, improving time-to-market without compromising quality.
  • Secure: SQAI is build security first. We offer industry leading security features to meet enterprise security requests. We encrypt all data both static or moving, don’t train the system on your data and offer full compliance (GDPR, UK GDPR, and CCPA)

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