Hi there. At Brightest, we aim for first time right digitalization. Our software testing solutions provide your company with qualitative answers to the most pressing challenges when developing software.

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Get a taste of Brightest

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What we do

Focus on your future, knowing that the quality of your products is secured.

Software Quality AI (SQAI)

SQAI is a conversational AI software testing toolkit for enterprises to build RAG-enabled testing assistents for their development teams and key users.

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We guide your organization or team in the right direction, bring new insights and quickly add expertise.

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Performance testing

Performance testing is the practice of determining how applications, hardware, networks, databases, … will perform under a particular workload. The main goal is to improve speed, scalability, stability and reliability.

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Security Testing

Applications need to be secure and protect their users’ data. In the short term, security testing can reactively help you solve existing vulnerabilities in your application(s). In the long term increased security awareness can proactively streamline the process of fortifying your application(s) and new features by integrating security testing.

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A BrightScan is a highly effective assessment executed by a specialist to obtain an objective analysis of your current software quality organisation. It allows you to improve your organisation’s QA maturity and time to market, while reducing quality costs.

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ERP Testing

EaaP/ ERP testing is an automation-driven quality approach focused on integrating and deploying any ERP solution First Time Right.

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Test Automation

Software test automation is one of our core competences. Our community of technical consultants are experts in a wide range of test automation tools for automating web, desktop and mobile applications, APIs and mainframes. And this for commercial tools as well as open-source libraries.

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Flex Testing

IT-departments tend to struggle more and more with time- and budget restrictions. When unforeseen circumstances (illness, vacation, go-live) arise, companies often have a need for fast & temporary test capacity. Flex testing provides an ideal solution in these situations.

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What our clients say

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“We called on Brightest to guarantee the quality of our ever-increasing offering”, said Lenny de la Fontayne. “Our IT teams are growing rapidly. More and more is being delivered. The complexity is increasing and so is the need to monitor quality professionally. It became clear that functional testing alone was no longer tenable. Brightest is the ideal partner to support us in this professionalization.”

Lenny de la Fontayne

Development Manager at VAN IN

“Today Brightest is adding value to all MIG 6 testing at Eneco Belgium. In a partnership, I look for flexibility, drive and transparency. Willingness to listen to needs. Thinking in solutions and making quick decisions. I also very much believe in empowering teams. The fact that you talk to business leaders who have been consultants themselves makes consultation so much easier.”

Roel Matthys

Manager of the Business Technology Organization

Working at Brightest

Invest in your professional and personal growth.

We’ve created an environment in which every “brighter” can discover and unlock his or her full potential.

About us

High quality software evident and accessible for any organization.

We aim high by creating innovative services and solutions, with a dedicated team of top-notch consultants who combine creativity and effectivity, and enable our clients to realize their quality objectives.

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