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About us

At Brightest, we aim high by creating innovative services and solutions. With a dedicated team of top-notch consultants who combine creativity and effectivity, and enable our clients to realize their quality objectives.

Our beliefs

We believe that high quality software should be evident and accessible for any organization


Collaboration is the key to success

Software quality requires a joint and continuous effort. For that reason, we strive for long-term partnerships with our customers.


Set the bar as high as possible

By putting effort into innovative solutions and setting the standard higher after every achievement, we want to be a front-runner in our market.


Happy people perform better

That’s why we have launched BrightBeing. With this concept, we offer Bright people a tailored career path, expert support on the job as well as psychological and physical coaching.


Real quality requires a holistic view

Cost-effective software quality requires more than just testing skills. Together with the customer, we look at the complete picture and focus our efforts on high return on investment.


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successful software launches


offices across Belgium

Our values

We value that the team is always stronger than the individual, the following form the basis of our values


Treasure quality

In today’s globalized and fast-paced world, cost-effectivity and quality are key differentiators. Companies need to establish a quality culture and a performance-excellence mindset to meet customer expectations. With a team of passionate people and by delivering top quality, we help companies realize these ambitions.


Empower people

We encourage entrepreneurship and stimulate people to act Gumption: to show guts and common sense, take initiative and go for social engagement. We strongly believe that healthy, happy and committed people will perform better. That’s why we invest in our people’s professional and personal growth.


Excel together

As a dedicated team, we support our customers in their mission to excel. We listen to their needs and handle their business as if it was our own. We support their processes, methods and systems with tools and services tailored to their organization in a pragmatic and cost-efficient way.

Brightest was founded on the idea that delivering qualitative software is a complex and continuous process.

From the first days of its existence, the role of the human being in achieving quality and success has always been emphasized at Brightest.


Brightest was founded by Pieter Chiau and Koen De Wilde


Started our 3 domains. Reached the 50 employees mark


Start of Brightest East


Start of Brightest West. Reached the 100 employees mark

Our Unique Selling Point

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best. This is how we make the difference for our clients.


Your quality concern drives us

We offer the best possible solution for your problem. Therefore we step into your shoes to understand your perspective and needs. Using this understanding to guide our actions. We aim at building long-term relationships, that’s why we invest in the personal and professional wellbeing of our employees and customers.



Through the years we’ve build a software testing knowledge centre. Backed-up with a community of technical and experienced specialists. Our testing services and qualitative trainings provide you solutions with a strong focus on innovation and its challenges for ICT teams.


You don’t need a bazooka to kill a fly

Brightest is an independent software quality partner. We support your processes, methods and systems with tools and services tailored to your needs, and with respect for your budget.

Let’s work together

Curious to see how we can help your organization get in het first time right?

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