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Test Automation

Software development is evolving every day: richer and more complex user interfaces, shorter development cycles, increasing complexity of architecture, …. The need for a tailored (software) test automation process is inevitable. In today’s fast-to-market world, efficient software test automation is indispensable. It increases the application’s time-to-market, quality and coverage.


Test automation services


Software quality assessment

A BrightScan is a highly effective assessment executed by an Automation Expert. It gives an objective analysis of your current software quality efforts and provides quick wins for the future.


Automated test framework

A custom framework, tailored to your needs and technology stack. Benefits: increased code reusage, faster scripting, higher portability and reduced maintenance.


Visual automation testing

Evaluate and compare visible application output. Benefits: less coding, faster scripting, higher coverage and reduced maintenance. Powered by AI this becomes even more powerful.


Continuous testing / DevOps

All our test automation services can be integrated with your CI/CD pipelines to detect critical issues and block branch deployment before it breaks your product in production.


Automated API testing

Proactive API test automation which run across all of your endpoints. Critical, because APIs are the primary interface to application logic and easier to maintain than UI tests.


Performance testing

Determine how your applications, hardware, networks, and databases will perform under a particular workload to improve speed, scalability, stability and reliability. Read more here.


UI automation

Functional automation for native, web or mobile applications by choosing the most appropriate test automation tool(s) or open-source libraries.

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