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Security Testing

Applications need to be secure and protect their users’ data. In the short term, security testing can reactively help you solve existing vulnerabilities in your application(s).

How we help you by testing

Different forms of security testing


Application security testing

Web application (frontend) based on the OWASP Top 10 of most common vulnerabilities
API security (backend) based on the OWASP API Security Top 10


IT and network infrastructure

Perform a penetration test against your company network or application infrastructure. The test can be followed by your security team for detection, monitoring and mitigation.


Phishing campaign simulation

Simulate a phishing campaign to increase cybersecurity awareness of your employees. Always tailored to your company, in cooperation with our partner KnowBe4.


Trainings and bootcamps

Provide training to your employees on a variety of topics regarding security. Trainings can be online or on-site. See The Bright Academy for more information.


Device security

XFA software ensures that only secure devices are used for work. They conduct essential checks on each device upon login, such as up-to-date operating systems and browsers, disk encryption, password configuration, etc. This enables you to mitigate 90% of the risk.

The Process

Security testing process


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