BrightScan, the number one basic in the software quality closet

February 12, 2024

Eva Van Camp

If you ask anyone about the must have basic in a wardrobe our guess is that the classic white shirt would be listed as the number one. It’s a classic, combines with almost everything. No matter your style, it will work out and is suitable in both formal and informal situations. Let us change the wardrobe to an IT organization in any company, then the classic white shirt can be replaced by a BrightScan. Why? We’ll explain hereunder.


An assessment 

A BrightScan is a QA assessment of an IT organization conducted in a limited timeframe and with a fixed price. The main goal is to get an objective outside-in view of the IT-processes, stakeholders, tooling and how they combine. To deliver an overview of the current status of your software quality and a roadmap on which following steps you can take to optimize. It’s not just about identifying issues; it’s about understanding your organization’s QA maturity and finding ways to improve it.


You can’t go wrong with a BrightScan, or a white shirt

We often get the question what is the best practice when optimizing software quality in an organization? In our opinion the answer is always a BrightScan. It gives you an objective status of the status quo and gives you hands-on tips for the next steps. Then you decide for yourself if you implement these yourself or call on a consultant.

Also, it helps to increase employee involvement as they are all heard by conducting surveys. Following, every key stakeholder gets a timeslot in which an interview is performed. To hear about their ideas concerning software quality in your organization and what their current way of working is. Doing this, you form a clear vision about the current way of working and what can be optimized.

Performing a BrightScan is never a waste of time and/or money as it delivers a guide to better software quality. This is independent of who will execute the effective tasks later. And as a CIO, CEO or CTO it is always an asset to have objective insights on the processes and performance of the team.


Endless combinations

White isn’t a color and a BrightScan isn’t limited to only software testing. It provides an outside-in view on broader aspects of your organization. For example, the development processes influencing your QA processes, communication, team organization, technical issues like e.g. test automation or data virtualization, etc. We can go further than just ‘testing’.

Additionally, if you already have the insights on where in the IT-organization there might be some hick-ups, a BrightScan can be applied to only that part of the IT-organization (like test automation or security testing).


A look in the mirror

Maybe the most important thing to remember about this is: “sometimes all it takes is a good look in the mirror”. Whether it’s to check if your outfit is on point or to gauge the efficiency of your team and the status of your software quality.

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