How a data virtualization solution like Delphix increases the ROI of ERP testing

November 3, 2023

Dean Bodart

Introduction to ERP and the practice of ERP Testing

In the vast and dynamic panorama of the software industry, the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems reign supreme. These systems are the spinal cord that holds enterprises together, knitting various business processes into a coherent whole. Hence, the absolute need for software quality, especially in ERP systems, is undeniable. With this pivotal role, it isn’t surprising that ERP testing is a concerted effort to ensure these systems perform flawlessly, flexibly, and sustainably.

It’s a common perception that the meticulousness of ERP testing comes with higher costs and painstaking efforts. Businesses are constantly seeking solutions that can increase their ERP testing’s efficiency and effectiveness while reducing the associated costs. This is where Delphix, an ingenious data virtualization platform, comes into play.


The power of data virtualization on ERP Testing

To understand how a tool like Delphix can enhance the ROI of ERP testing, we first need to unravel the potential of data virtualization. It’s a technique that provides a unified, real-time, and comprehensive view of data scattered across numerous sources. It does so without the need for physical data consolidation, thereby bypassing traditional issues like performance, scalability, and data availability.

Delphix is a leading provider of this data virtualization approach. It provides a platform that addresses the challenges of test data management, revolutionizing the way businesses carry out their ERP testing. Delphix’s data virtualization fuels agility, hastens time-to-market, and safeguards sensitive information — three cornerstones of ROI-driven ERP testing.


Delphix and software quality – a harmonious affair

In the context of ERP testing, Delphix provides a unique benefit — a continuous deployment environment. Unlike traditional methods, this environment maintains high-quality test data in sync with production data. As a result, businesses can test their ERP systems accurately and with higher frequency without disrupting their operations.

This consistent synchronization between test and production data not only boosts software quality but also accelerates the feedback loops in the ERP’s development process. Thus, it uncovers errors and flaws early, reduces defect leakage, and ultimately, minimizes the overall cost of quality.


Upholding Privacy and Ensuring Compliance

Perhaps, the most commendable aspect of Delphix is its stunning ability to maintain privacy and compliance during ERP testing. With Delphix, businesses can use “de-identified” data – a transformation where sensitive information is replaced while retaining functional and statistical relevance. This lends businesses the luxury of rigorous testing without risking noncompliance or privacy breaches, a matter of growing concern in today’s regulatory landscape.

Delphix doesn’t just simplify ERP testing and boost software quality; it equips businesses with proven strategies to confidently ride the waves of privacy regulations. It tactfully intertwines the threads of performance, protection, and peace of mind, thus delivering true value on the investment in ERP testing.

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