How AI-powered testing of ERP systems promises cost savings

September 14, 2023

Dean Bodart

One of the understated truths about ERP systems is that they are ever-changing, almost living organisms. A minor tweak in one module can set off a domino effect that impacts multiple business functions. Traditional testing methodologies are hard-pressed to keep up with this dynamic environment. Enter Brightest, a technology-agnostic solution provider. With SQAI (Software Quality AI) we combine artificial intelligence with years of software quality industry expertise. All of this leading to savings of 300.000 to millions a year on ERP implementation.


AI takes the helm

Brightest doesn’t want to be just another software testing company. It wants to be a paradigm shift in how the world approaches ERP testing or enterprise grade software testing.

At its core is a deeply integrated AI-based roadmap that includes features such as dynamic test generation, automated test maintenance, real-time monitoring, and AI-based defect detection. Not only for the popular platforms (D365, SAP S/4HANA), but also with open support for a wide range of ERP, MRP, and WMS platforms currently on the market. This makes it truly a universal solution. If it is SaaS, BrightSQAI* will add value to test the platform end-to-end. Including custom integrations and connections to third-party applications.


Dynamic test generation – SQAI

The SQAI platform leverages OpenAI, which by the way is now enterprise-grade, and understands your specific ERP or business ecosystem and generates test scenarios that focus on the most critical and vulnerable aspects. A feature unprecedented in the ERP testing arena. 

Gone are the days of elaborate and labor-intensive test cases. Generate business contextual test cases in minutes, push them to any of the mainstream test management tools in seconds and run automated tests within hours with Katalon Studio, Gauge or any other keyword-driven test automation solution.


Automated test maintenance

Every ERP manager fears the constant updates and modifications that these systems require and the ripple effects they have on testing scenarios. AI algorithms can automatically update existing (automated) test scenarios to reflect these changes, making manual updating completely unnecessary.


Real-time monitoring

With Brightest, you no longer have to wait for end-of-day reports to know the health of your ERP system. Real-time monitoring ensures that anomalies are noticed and addressed immediately, mitigating potential crises before they balloon into major problems.



All of these features lead to one key result: cost savings. By automating labor-intensive processes, accelerating debugging and deploying targeted, intelligent testing strategies, Brightest has enabled its customers to save between €300.000 and €900.000 annually on their ERP implementations.


A new era in ERP testing

Brightest is not just a software testing company. It is the herald of a new era in ERP testing. Its AI-driven approach, combined with support for a wide range of ERP, MRP, and WMS platforms, makes it the lynchpin for any modern, cost-effective ERP strategy. As the world of ERP continues to evolve, there is now a clear path, illuminated by Brightest. It ensures not only survival, but also unprecedentedcost efficiency and operational excellence.

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