Revolutionizing healthcare software testing with synthetic test data

October 6, 2023

Dean Bodart

In healthcare environments, where sensitive patient data is involved, the need for quality testing is paramount. Traditional testing methods that rely on production data can be risky due to data privacy concerns. This is where synthetic test data can provide a solution. Here are 4 reasons why synthetic test data can revolutionize the way you go about software testing.


Reason 1: It’s based on production data

Synthetic test data can be based on production data, scrambled, and anonymized to ensure data privacy is maintained. This allows healthcare organizations to conduct comprehensive testing without compromising patient privacy. Moreover, many healthcare organizations use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to manage their operations, such as patient records, scheduling, and billing. 

ERP systems in healthcare require rigorous testing due to the high stakes involved. 

Synthetic test data offers benefits beyond data privacy concerns. It can help healthcare organizations to:


Reason 2: Cost reduction

Creating and managing this data can be more cost-effective than using real data. It eliminates the need to maintain large amounts of real data and reduces the risk of incurring production downtime.


Reason 3: Increased testing efficiency

Synthetic test data can be created quickly and easily, allowing for more efficient and frequent testing. This can improve the quality of the ERP system and reduce the risk of errors or defects.


Reason 4: Test with data integrity

Healthcare organizations can ensure data consistency and accuracy when using this data. They can create data subsets that are representative of real-world scenarios and run more targeted tests that cover a wide range of scenarios.



Overall, synthetic test data is a valuable tool for healthcare organizations that use ERP systems. It allows them to conduct thorough testing while safeguarding patient privacy and reducing costs. By using it, healthcare organizations can ensure their ERP systems are running smoothly and providing the best possible care to patients.

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