Flex testing, flexible quality assurance on demand

January 18, 2024

Kevin Pieters

Breaking the stereotype

Companies are breaking traditional patterns in terms of software delivery. The need to deliver faster and more frequently contrasts with thoroughly tested software that follows a certain timeline. Unless you get smarter at testing your software. Using new techniques, involving AI, automate with a high ROI instead of trying to automate every user flow.

Yes, that’s true. But what does this have to do with flex testing? Well, we offer our expertise in small doses when needed. Most teams are 100% in operational mode, which means they don’t have time to work on process improvement, selecting a new tool, writing test cases, … That’s where flex testing comes in. We’re here to support your team when you need it.


Flex testing, a bright(est) ingenuity

In addition to our classic consultancy, we also offer consultancy on demand. Is your team understaffed and the deadline of a major release is approaching? Or do you need an expert to help you set up a Cypress framework?

For all your demands that are limited in time or don’t require a full-time consultant, we offer this solution.


Journey into the flexibility of consultancy on demand

Let’s dive into the practical aspects. Do you have a project that needs expert advice, but not the five-day commitment? Then flex testing is the ideal solution for you. Enjoy the benefits of high-quality consultancy services, without the cost of a full-time consultant. It only adds value to your projects.

This model puts you in the driver’s seat! Choose yourself the days you need our expertise, and our skillful testing consultants will provide solutions to software testing and software quality challenges based on your schedule.

Within this model we can work with a monthly subscription, for example 2 days per week. Or you can opt for a bundle of individual days that you can use for all different kinds of QA related topics. Everything for a fixed price per day. Isn’t that flexible?


What’s the catch?

We noticed the need for flexible quality assurance. The need to decide which capabilities you need in your project or team at a given time. We offer an experienced team of software engineers who can take on any challenge. So no catch at all!

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