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May 23, 2023


Cost-effective testing with open source tools in an SAP environment

The energy transition is in full swing. The future belongs to renewable energy, with decentralized production: consumers can also act as producers. To be ready for the future, all players in the energy market must radically adapt their systems. This includes Eneco, a pioneer in the sustainable transition. With software testing, they monitor the quality of their systems and integrations. With Brightest as a partner, Eneco goes for a cost-efficient approach based on open source tools.


Background: energy market in transition

The introduction of digital meters, increasing decentralized energy production, dynamic demand management and the need for transparency in a liberalized energy market led to the development of a new market model for the Belgian energy market. For this to work properly, the management of the gigantic amount of data is crucial. Atrias must improve the functioning of the Belgian energy market, simplify market processes and optimize the new market model.

Atrias is a federal clearinghouse – a consultation and exchange platform where all data come together and to which all market players are connected. Atrias also worked out MIG 6, the manual for the new generation of market processes. The goal: a less error-prone, more cost-efficient and customer-friendly operation of the energy market.

The transition affects the information systems at all parties involved in the energy market: energy suppliers, distribution system operators, the transmission system operator, producers, regulators. Everyone has to exchange data with Atrias. Consequently, much development and adaptation is required – including in the context of changing legislation and new offerings. The rapid succession of releases requires regression testing, because new features must not lead to bugs on what has already been developed.


Need for stability and quality

Eneco is the third largest energy supplier on the Belgian market. When implementing MIG6, it needed a stable and high-performance testing system. “As a pioneer of the energy transition, we bear a great responsibility”, says Roel Matthys, manager of the Business Technology Organization. “Our systems must be there at all times. New developments and functions must be tested solidly and qualitatively.”

Eneco was therefore looking for a new testing partner in 2019. “We also sent our request for proposal to Brightest, a sister company of TheValueChain in the Gumption group. They know our SAP environment inside out. Among other things, they are our service desk for SAP IS-Utilities and the financial modules FICA and FICO.”

Brightest chose a 'simplicity' approach.

Roel Matthys

Manager of the Business Technology Organization

“Today Brightest is adding value to all MIG 6 testing at Eneco Belgium. In a partnership, I look for flexibility, drive and transparency. Willingness to listen to needs. Thinking in solutions and making quick decisions. I also very much believe in empowering teams. The fact that you talk to business leaders who have been consultants themselves makes consultation so much easier. This allows us with Eneco to continue to focus on our core business: making the Belgian energy market more sustainable. Thanks to well-functioning and solid systems, we can completely unburden our customers.”

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