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May 25, 2023


Mediahuis about the technical and cultural fit of our Brighters

Mediahuis wanted to harmonize its subscription management IT system across the different newspaper titles. To guarantee software quality and achieve faster results, the publishing group turned to Brightest.

With newspapers such as Het Nieuwsblad, De Standaard, the Gazet van Antwerpen, Het Belang van Limburg, Mediahuis has leading Flemish titles in its portfolio. The group also operates internationally, including in Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. “Our assignment was to harmonize the subscription management systems of the various newspaper titles”, says Peter Snoeckx, project manager at Mediahuis. “We soon realized that we would move forward faster if we reinforced ourselves with the right know-how. For example, in the field of testing.”

To improve software quality and install optimal testing procedures, Mediahuis went looking for the right partner. “We sat down with a few parties, as required by the selection procedure. Brightest came out as the best candidate. Meanwhile, we have been working together for two years.”


Complex landscape

“The media business is complex, so is our system landscape”, says Peter Snoeckx. “It’s important that testers get to know our business. It’s about so much more than delivering a newspaper for a fee. All systems have to fit together perfectly. The smallest change has to be thoroughly tested.”

Brightest has introduced various testing tools and worked with the internal staff to establish efficient, structured and well-documented processes. Currently, the existing system is being optimized and the stage is set for an upgrade.

There is not only a technical match with Brightest's consultants. We were also on the same page in terms of attitude

Peter Snoeckx

Project Manager at Mediahuis


A tester must do more than just check off “okay” or “not okay,” Peter Snoeckx emphasizes. “I expect testers to look for a solution together with us. Brightest’s experts deal with this matter on a daily basis. So they are perfectly placed to not only diagnose an error, but also to give a suggestion on how best to adjust the configuration.”

“The Brightest team settled in quickly. They are perfectly capable of working independently. That’s a must, esplution-orientedecially now that hybrid work is the future. There is not only a technical match with Brightest’s consultants. We were also on the same page in terms of attitude. It’s nice that we as clients are also invited to events, such as last year’s Summer Drink. Then you get to know each other in a different way.”


About mediahuis

Mediahuis is one of the leading media groups in Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland and Luxembourg. Its portfolio consists of strong media titles that focus on independent journalism and platforms for classified ads in real estate, recruitment and the automotive sector. The group has 4,000 employees and an annual turnover of one billion euros. In Belgium, the group also operates in radio and regional television.

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