Client case Prophets

May 25, 2023


Brightest is not a supplier, but our partner in software quality

Digital agency Prophets was looking for expertise in testing. With a Brightscan, we mapped out their software testing needs. “For us, Brightest is not a supplier, but our partner in software quality.”

Prophets is a digital marketing agency specializing in strategy and design. The company operates in Antwerp and Brussels and has 60 employees. “Development and testing was relatively new to me, so I was looking for a reliable partner”, says Hannelore Van Buyten, Quality Manager at Prophets.



Initially, Prophets wanted to engage a test engineer, but Brightest suggested that we first conduct a Brightscan. “This analysis gave us an up-to-date picture of our IT environment. Our technology department has various profiles with diverse expertise. We work on all kinds of projects and write many types of code, which makes the quality part complex”, says Hannelore Van Buyten. “The insights from the scan allowed us to establish an approach and bring structure.”

“Brightest really focused on our needs”, continues Hannelore. “Those were initially different from what we thought we needed. Because of the Brightscan, I was convinced. No other party presented us with a similar solution. Brightest gives honest advice, even when it wasn’t what we wanted to hear.”

Brightest gives honest advice, even when it wasn't what we wanted to hear.

Hannelore Van Buyten

Quality Manager at Prophets

Insights from the collective

To take stock of the situation, Brightest spoke with all employees in the technology department. This yielded a double win, according to Hannelore Van Buyten. “We gathered insights from the collective and discussed with our people how they could specifically contribute to the quality of the software. Hanging issues or potential conflicts were immediately identified and solutions proposed.”

A number of work items Prophets tackled internally. A test plan and clear test reporting were set up. Once that was in place, it was time to bring in a specialized test engineer from Brightest to help with functional testing.

“Among other things, Brightest taught us which tools were best to use for which type of testing”, says Hannelore Van Buyten. “That way, we could safely get started ourselves. If we need specific expertise again, we will definitely turn to Brightest again.”


Long-term collaboration

Hannelore Van Buyten: “Brightest is no-nonsense. You sense that there is absolutely no body-shopping. Like us, Brightest is fully committed to a long-term collaboration. We treat our customers as partners, and so does Brightest. For us, Brightest is not a supplier, but our partner in software quality.”

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