Client case Survey Anyplace

June 28, 2023


Brightest optimized workflow and introduced automated testing

Survey Anyplace is a software that lets you create personalized, interactive surveys, quizzes and assessments. The software helps users set up quizzes and polls that not only collect valuable data, but can also give something back to the respondent. The company has customers in more than 50 countries. Brightest helped the team with test automation.


Integrate automated testing

“Our SaaS application is packed with features to fully customize a survey”, says Emery Walraet of Survey Anyplace. “We get rid of boring survey forms and focus heavily on ease of use and mobile applications.”

The company has long wanted to integrate automated testing into its applications, but lacked time and experience. “We are growing rapidly”, Emery says. “Setting up automated testing ourselves from scratch was too burdensome in an environment where priorities are constantly changing. Our team is relatively young. We had little experience in automated testing.”

If we need test specialists again in the future, we will definitely call on Brightest.

Emery Walraet

“Thanks to Brightest, our workflow has been optimized. We now lose less time with manual testing”, Emery says. In addition to consulting, knowledge transfer was an important aspect of the collaboration. “For our developers, it was crucial to brush up on their knowledge. And who better to learn from than the experts at Brightest?”



The method of collaboration supported the knowledge transfer. “Brightest’s consultant regularly worked at our office for several days. Then our team studied the cases he set up, and we went to work on our own. During a follow-up session, we worked focused on specific issues. That way we had time to experiment and learn. If we got stuck, we could always call or email. That flexibility was ideal for us.”


Great collaboration

The company looks back on the collaboration positively. “Brightest did not hesitate to provide additional explanations where necessary. Thanks to their help, we now work even more professionally. Our team has learned a lot. Exactly what we were looking for. If we need test specialists again in the future, we will definitely call on Brightest.”

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